Tring Brewery Side Pocket for a Toad

ABV 3.6%

This straw coloured session ale has unmistakable citrus notes and a floral aroma, leading to a full, refreshing flavour and a crisp dry finish.

Hops used: Cascade, Challenger

Green King IPA

ABV 3.6%

This perfectly balanced, award winning beer has a hoppy aroma and taste followed by a clean, bitter finish.

Hops used: Challenger, First Gold

Moorland Old Speckled Hen

ABV 4.5%

Rich in colour and bursting with superb fruity aromas, complemented by a smooth blend of malty flavours.

Hops used :- Challenger, First Gold, Goldings

Mighty Oak Maldon Gold

ABV 3.8%

Brewed using Marris Otterr pale malt to create alight golden ale with a biscuit malt flavour, balanced by a distinctive citrus characture and long bitter finish.

Hops used :- First Gold, Mount Hood

Bays Brewery Gold

ABV 4.3%

An easy drinking light golden ale with the unique blend of English and continental hops creates lemon citrus overtones that tantalise and refresh the palate.

Hops used:-

Cains Fine Raisin Beer

ABV 5.0%

A rich, fruity amber ale infused with succulent Californian raisins. Dense, complex and great with fine cheeses, red meat or simply savoured on its own.

Hops used:- Stirian Goldings, Target

Fullers London Pride

ABV 4.1%

A fruity, medium bodied, pale brown beer with hoppy and yeasty notes throughout.

Hops used :- Target

Marstons Pedigree

ABV 4.5%

A strong and distinctive aroma is followed by a bitter hop flavour, full malt body and undertones of fruit, leading to a smooth finish.

Hops used :- Fuggles, Goldings

Exemoor Gold

ABV 4.5%

This classic ale has a predominant maltiness throughout, balanced by an underlying hopiness and sweet flavour leading to a refreshing finish.

Hops used :- Fuggles, Goldings.

Butcombe Traditional Bitter

ABV 4 %

This classic amber coloured bitter has a delicate blend of malt, hops and citrus flavours, leading to a long dry bitter finish.

Hops used:- "Brewers secret"